I am exhausted … completely wiped out and I don’t feel that I’ve gotten much of anything done today. I’ve been hopelessly lost in social media hell … I’ve Facebooked, tweeted, pinned and Etsied (don’t know the technical term for listing on Etsy!) and now I’m wrapping up my day with blogging. How on earth does anyone get any actual work done?!? Between promoting our Daisy Dogs (Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue) on Facebook, website and Petfinder and trying to make a living as a jewelry designer (so I can afford to keep doing rescue), I seem to spend more and more time on the computer and in what I think of as ‘virtual reality’. I must confess, maybe I’m just getting old, but I’m not really understanding the point of all this online networking. Yes, I understand that it helps promote my products and our Daisy Dogs – but does it actually lead to any tangible results? I have my doubts at this point. There is just so much ‘out there’!

My day started with such promise – enjoying a brisk morning stroll with my sweet old Magnolia. We wandered through our downtown neighborhood, collected some more gingko leaves as inspiration for my new line of jewelry and then came home to get to work. It all seemed to spiral downward from there. An entire day spent staring at this little screen and I’m feeling frustrated, cranky, stiff and somewhat depressed.

Gingko Leaves - symbolizing hope, resilience, peace and longevity

Balance does not seem to be in the cards today. I’ve got to get ready to go meet with an adopter – what I really want to do is close the door to my yoga room, light a candle and take to my mat, then turn on some inspiring music and actually have time to create!

Sorry, but I have no words of inspiration today, no uplifting stories about our precious grey muzzles or anything else for that matter. My spiritual tank is running on empty. What I could really use is some feedback, dare I ask for encouragement? I’d like someone to explain to me how all this social media works and why we need to do it. Next, I’d love for someone to offer advice on how to find enough hours in the day to Facebook, tweet, pin, blog, etc. AND create jewelry so I can actually earn a living to pay my bills and/or secure forever homes for our Daisy Dogs – preferably both!

Thank you for any insight, suggestions or comments you might have. I’m going to meditate on my gingko leaves for a moment as they represent hope and heaven knows I could use some right about now!