Easter Chicks

Easter Chicks

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved Easter! The mere sight of the beautifully colored eggs, fluffy little chicks and cute stuffed bunnies brings a flood of memories from my childhood – the pretty pastel dresses for church, dying eggs with my sister, and the gorgeous baskets we would find hidden on Easter morning. I can still recall one of my favorite Easter baskets, I must have been about five years old, the Easter Bunny was very clever that year and hid my basket in the oven. I squealed with delight upon discovering the basket laden with goodies and best of all a big fat brand new box of crayons – so many wonderful colors all just waiting for me to unleash my creativity!

I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but love Easter candy, too. Not so much to eat, but to look at – all those beautiful colors! I even love Peeps and use them to decorate my Easter table, seeing those cute little faces peering out makes me smile with nostalgia. I confess, I’ve never actually eaten a chocolate bunny – I just never could bring myself to bite off their cute little head, or even a tail!

Although the days of finding Easter baskets in the oven or brightly colored eggs in the grass are long since gone, I still love this holiday. To me, it signifies a time of new beginnings. I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious, but I like the symbolism of resurrection, a chance to begin anew. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the sun is shining – all signs that give me hope for a brighter future.

Today I’ll be celebrating new beginnings with a houseful of good friends and delicious food, a table set with all my favorite Easter mementos and remembering all the delights of Easters past – and the anticipation of good things yet to come. Although my family is thousands of miles away, I’ll be remembering those precious childhood years when my mother always made every holiday special – most especially, Easter – to me, the most beautiful holiday. I wish you all a Happy Easter, a day filled with love, joy, hope and new beginnings!