Tonight is the second meeting of the newly formed spiritual growth book club (facilitated by Rev Deb, ) – and I can’t wait! We’ve been reading and discussing The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and what started me thinking about the content for today’s blog is the fact that I read this book many years ago. As I re-read it, I keep thinking to myself – “wow, if I’d only retained what I learned when I first read this book, I would be so much further on my spiritual path, and leading a much more balanced life!”

Why is it that we tend to veer off our path and how can we stay the course when life gets crazy? It seems that my life goes in cycles – I get centered, focus on my spiritual growth, practice yoga regularly and do all the things that make me feel balanced and then little by little ‘life’ gets chaotic and before I know it, I’m completely lost and have to fumble through the dark to find my way back ‘home’ again!

I recently came across, ‘The Hymn of the Pearl’, a classic Gnostic myth, which beautifully illustrates the symbolism of pearls in reclaiming our true self and returning to our spiritual center. It is the story of a boy, ‘the son of the king of kings’, who is sent to Egypt to retrieve a pearl from a serpent. During the quest, he is seduced by Egyptians and forgets his origin and his family. However, a letter is sent from the king of kings to remind him of his past. When the boy receives the letter, he remembers his mission and his true identity, allowing him to retrieve the pearl and return ‘home’.

No matter our religious or spiritual beliefs, on some level we all yearn to be our true selves and to be at ‘home’. Like many young girls, my first pair of earrings were pearl studs. I’ve always been drawn to pearls and I tend to instinctually incorporate them into most of my jewelry designs, but never really gave any thought as to why. After discovering The Hymn of the Pearl, I began to really think about their origin and I had one of those light bulb moments – in a burst of understanding, I realized that on some deep unconscious level I was resonating with these small miracles of nature. Beginning as a tiny grain of sand and over time slowly growing into an object of pure beauty, pearls remind us of our own unique power to overcome obstacles, transform our lives and allow our inner beauty to shine keeping us on our true path – in other words following our bliss!

Freshwater Coin Pearl Earrings with Vintage Leaves

Today I’ll be wearing my favorite pearl earrings as I continue the quest to remain on my spiritual path and find my way ‘home’. Wishing you all a beautiful and balanced week!