I have never been so intimdated by an blank screen – where to begin?  Guess I’ll just jump in and hope that my first blog post makes some sort of sense!  For anyone reading this, please bear with me, I’m totally new to blogging and will probably stumble through it for a while. My reason for starting a blog?  Like so many women, I find myself constantly juggling a multitude of roles on a daily basis.  Sorry guys, I know you lead busy lives too, but let’s face facts, women have a harder time staying balanced – we tend to put ourselves and our own needs at the bottom of the never ending ‘to do’ lists on a daily basis.  Whether we have busy careers or are stay at home moms, women almost always put everyone else’s needs first and it’s no wonder we find ourselves so out of balance.  Like many women, I wear a multitude of hats – artist, business owner, wife, dog/cat mom, friend and daughter, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!  I have to say that, for me, the additional title of animal rescuer and founder of Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue, tipped the scales.

Before rescue, there were crazy busy days, but I still managed to practice mindful living on a fairly regular basis – yoga, long walks with my dogs, lunch with friends, Sunday afternoon antique hunting with my husband – all these things helped me to slow down and enjoy living in the moment.  And then one day, quite unexpectedly and without any plan, I jumped into rescue.  It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my life and a path that I’m certain I’m meant to follow – but it has also turned my life upside down and inside out!  Rescue came into my life and balance got lost along the wayside.

So in this new year, I’ve promised myself to CHOOSE balance.  And yes, it’s a choice – each and every day.  I hope this blog will assist me in my quest, and may inspire some of you to share how you’re creating a balanced life.  Some days I’ll write about rescue and the intense emotional roller coaster of racing to save lives, but that’s not the focus of this blog.  Although it’s a work in progress – much like life! – the intention of this blog is to remind me of my many passions – jewelry design, yoga, knitting, cooking, decorative painting and interior design, to name a few – and to assist me in blending them all into a balanced life!

Thank  you for joining me on this exploration.  In the spirit of balance, it’s time for me to get off the computer and onto my yoga mat.